Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Grand Children

I really appreciate God for giving me three grand children this year 2011.

                                                               Johan, Abigail's son

                                                             Alisha, Angela's daughter
                                                                 Joshua, Anita's son


  1. Isaac, I've found your blog after a long search! I've tried your mail and Skype some times to get in touch after 11 March, hopefully I can get to you this way. As I see you must be all right! Congratulations for your grand children! They are so lovely! I remember you holding my son in my house in Sendai...


  2. Hi Zsolt,
    Thanks for your concern. Yes, it was very terrible in Sendai during the earthquake in March. Thank God all my family members were safe.
    As you've got it right on my blog, God has given me three grandchildren this year.
    How is your son and wife. Hope you are all doing great. My skype name is yawman28.
    I'm leaving here on Monday 14th for a business trip in Mexico and will be back on 21st. I'll take my PC with me so we can chart on skype.
    Give my regards to your family.
    Isaac and Betty